Jerry Zucker At The Vloggies

November 9, 2006

The best place to see people always seem to happen in the hallways. At Web 2.0 this week, I saw Evelyn Rodriguez, Mary Hodder, Robert Scoble and John Furrier. Those are just to name a few. Great to see them all.

John carried a reporter’s notebook with him at Web 2.0. I like that style. I asked him if he was recording, I was thinking audio. He pulled out his video camera. Sign of the times! Video is hot.

Speaking of video, Furrier and his team at Podtech deserve big props for putting together The Vloggies. The show had that home spun feeling that you get from vlogs but also a taste of the big show that is to come. I felt that especially when Jerry Zucker took the stage. Zucker directed such comedies as Airplane! and Rat Race, a laugh until your belly aches kind of flick. He talked about how he and his brother first started making movies. They were just having fun. It’s that playfulness that is such a part of the videoblog culture.

Kevin Marks says it well in his post about Hollywood, software and the net:

Tonight at the Vloggies, Jerry Zucker (who built his career on satirising movie clich├ęs) spoke of the opportunity to avoid the mess of Hollywood:

We were just experimenting, we were playing, we were having fun with this whole new field… We had to build a theatre with 150 seats to bring people in to watch it. What you have today is the possibility to take this stuff and send it around the world, for nothing. It is going to change the way we view entertainment. The studios in Hollywood are already a mess – this is going to change entertainment, and you are all at the beginning of it, so good luck and god bless

Zucker was also very funny. :-). A great night. I can’t wait until next year.