Google Completes YouTube Deal

November 13, 2006

Google completed its acquisition of YouTube today. TechCrunch reports that the final price included $15 million in cash. Based on the  stock price at the end of closing today, the deal is worth 1.775 billion to YouTube’s shareholders.

Now, what’s next? Will Google be more restrictive? And if they do become more strict about YouTube uploading policies, will it drive away its core users?

And then there is all that litigation. I’d say that by no means does this mean that Google has the video sharing space sewn up.

On another front, has an interview with Hunter Walk, “a key executive at Google Video who had previously run Google’s AdSense. ” Walk says: “Part of the goal is to provide monetization strategies to content providers of all sizes.” Good insights. Worth watching.

John Battelle wonders: “What’s Up with Google, Video, and Ads?”

He writes:

This is a major question, and it’s unanswered. Why, if I had nothing but time, I’d be digging into this, and deeply. The amount of rumors, speculation, and backstory that’s crossed my desk – involving Hollywood agents, rising videoblogging stars, quarantined inventory on major tech sites, and the like – is enough to fuel at least a front page NYT story.