Democratizing Airwaves with User-Generated TV Channels

November 3, 2006

I think Michael Arrington at Techcrunch is partially correct in his assertion that the convergence of TV across all devices (traditional TV, PCs, and mobile devices) is the real win  in the IPTV race.  But I think he is missing the bigger story.

We believe the promise of IPTV is not to create a  more convenient television experience, it is to completely redefine what television is.  IPTV can finally “democratize the airwaves” by leveling the play-field between the established media networks and user-generated channels.  

Services like SplashCast will enable anyone to build their own media channel, broadcasting content they’ve either created or aggregated.  As I stated in a previous post, you will be able to flip between NBC Nightly News, the Techcrunch channel (to watch their daily vodcast), the Justin Timberlake channel (to get footage of him eating breakfast at IHOP — paid for by IHOP), the Barack Obama channel (to get the latest scoop on his presidential ambitions), and your brother’s channel (where your 4-year-old nephew is the star).