Welcome, Marshall!

Today is Marshall Kirkpatrick’s first day at SplashCast! 

Just a few days ago Marshall was writing for TechCrunch.  Today he is our Director of Content.  Indeed, this past week has been an especially busy one for us.

We are absolutely delighted to have one of the most talented, resourceful, and influential bloggers spearhead our ambitious agenda for covering the wild, wild west of  user-generated content (see yesterday’s New York Times article on UGC).  Marshall will not only be the voice of SplashCast, he will act as executive producer, folding in the best writers, podcasters, and vloggers in our industry.  We have big ideas for “SplashCast Media”, and can’t wait to integrate these ideas into the SplashCast syndication network for all your publishing desires (public beta coming soon, I promise!). 

I hope you will join me in giving Marshall the warmest of welcomes.

Welcome aboard, Marshall! 


14 Responses to Welcome, Marshall!

  1. Josh says:

    Congratulations Marshall. And nice choice, SplashCast. 🙂

  2. indeed. this media thing is getting hot, what with Microsoft hiring Jon Udell and all, and us hiring Anne Zelenka… 🙂

  3. […] I’ve been offered and have decided to accept a full time position as Director of Content at a pre-launch Portland startup called Splashcast. Splashcast is a multimedia platform that I believe is going to change the web in some important ways. TechCrunch broke the news. Here’s my new boss’s post on my joining. When TechCrunch and I parted ways, I intended to go independent – but this is a job I couldn’t pass up. […]

  4. Yeah for Portland talent!

  5. […] Marshall finally posted the good news that he accepted an exciting position at Splashcast as the Director of Content!  The Splashcast blog also posted a welcome note to Marshall.  The Splashcast beta start in January, and you can request an invite on their web site.  Congrats Marshall! […]

  6. EricB says:

    Excellent news for SplashCast and for Marshall. Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

  7. […] Marshall Kirkpatrick, one of the most influential and resourceful blogger who is a former writer from the very famous TechCrunch that profiles various Internet products and companies, recently joined the soon to be launched SplashCast as its Director of Content. […]

  8. Chris says:

    Congratulations Marshall!! SplashCast now has the best blogger around. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  9. blogger says:

    Well, OK! This looks great, Gary!

    I am very new to blogs, having used them just a couple of times with students who were already accustomed to writing in them.

    But I am excited at the possibility that this medium could help us share lessons, ideas, and materials after MyGateway goes down.

    Let’s hear from others.


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  11. iptv says:

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  12. Mastrangelo says:

    Wonderful post! gud stuff..

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