A Tough Day — James Kim, May You Rest In Peace

December 7, 2006

Background: CNET Senior Editor James Kim and his family went missing eleven days ago. They were stranded in the Oregon wilderness on remote forest service roads while trying to get to Gold Beach on the Oregon Coast. James body was found yesterday. His wife and children were rescued on Monday.

Yesterday was a tough day. I had been watching the reports about James Kim. Then the email arrived from a colleague. Rescuers had found his body. I did not want to believe it. I felt hope when I went to CNET and read that nothing had been confirmed. I checked Google News. There it was. James body had been found by rescuers at the bottom of a ravine.

I choked up. The news really hit me. I felt it somewhere deeper, more so than ever before have I had this kind of reaction to the death of someone I did not even know.

I have a feeling I know why this one hurts so much. James worked for CNET. He covered the digital audio space. He worked in the tech community. He is one of us.

I am part of the tech community. I have colleagues who knew him well. On a personal level, James got lost in the Oregon wilderness trying to save his family. I live in Oregon. I am a Dad. I’ve traveled in that area with my children over forest service roads.

In some ways, Kim’s death makes me realize how many friends I have in this world of bloggers, podcasters, videobloggers and all the others in this new media world. The bummer? It’s such a sad way to be reminded.

James Kim, may you rest in peace.

Friends of the Kim family are accepting donations at: http://jamesandkati.com/