Pew Study Shows Need For Sophisticated, Flash-Based Podcast Players

Pew Internet & American Life Project study shows that 12 percent of internet users have downloaded a podcast but ony 1 percent download shows on a daily basis. Here’s the download of the full report.

This shows the real need for quality, flash-based players that pull files and syndicated information into the show for the viewer to see. People are not downloading shows on a regular basis. Studies show that most people just watch or listen to the show from the web page.

RSS is a foreign concept to most people. Just as most do not know what a widget is or does. But RSS information can be fed to a large group of people who are unfamiliar with the idea of subscribing to feeds. Instead, the podcaster can act as the one supplying the feeds for a person to view in a flash-based environment. That’s the similarity to widgets in a way. The producer feeds the information to the widget environment. That information may be RSS feeds. the viwer does not care. They just are there to watch or listen to what the producer is presenting.

This is exactly what we are working on at Splashcast. Providing a mixed media platform for syndicating media to a flash-based player network. Feeds can be imported directly into the player. The viewer gets the show. They get the feed. People may then susbcribe to the channel and place the player on their site for others to watch. In the meantime, the data is being measured. More on that another time.

Demo will be ready to show in the next week or so. Give me a call or drop me a line if you are interested in Splashcast’s applications for podcasters.

Alex Williams
alex at splashcast dot net

Micro Persuasion: Pew: 12% Have Listened to a Podcast, But Only 1% Download Daily

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