My Widget Predictions For 2007

The Wall Street Journal (subscription only) has a story in today’s paper about the growing popularity of widgets and how Paramount, in particular, is using widgets to promote its new film, “Freedom Writers,” starring Hilary Swank.

You know widgets are the next big thing when the Wall Street Journal starts writing about widgets. Expect more of the traditional media to cover widgets over the next several months. Case in point, Steve Rubel will appear on CNBC ON The Money today at 7 pm EST to talk about the rising use of widgets for marketing.

With all this talk about widgets, here are my predictions for 2007:

  • A national consumer magazine will feature widgets as their cover story
  • Widgets will fuel RSS as people start consuming feeds without even knowing it
  • Most people will have no idea that the cool stuff that appears on their web page or desktop is actually called a widget. A study will quantify this information and bloggers, pundits and the rest will go on and on about what this means for the Internet and humanity.
  • Widgets will take on text ads as a way for micro publishers to make money off their web sites
  • CPM rates for banner ads will drop to all time lows as widgets grow in popularity for advertisers
  • Widgets will raise issues about syndication and copyright protection
  • A widget aggregator, such as Widgetbox or snipperoo will be bought by a big media company like Yahoo! or Google
  • Widgets, coupled with the video sharing phenomena, will change how brands are positioned. More brands will start replacing traditional advertisements with humorous or informative media that people will post to their blogs and web sites through widget players
  • Widgets will change how we we publish to the web. Widgets will become a platform for personal expression as much as blogs or podcasts
  • Thankfully, we will not see a conference called “Widgetpalooza.”

Update: Widget office suites will emerge in 2007! Add it to the list. Yes, componetized web apps on an Intranet could be very handy.

8 Responses to My Widget Predictions For 2007

  1. That’s crazy, there’s definitely going to be a widgetpalooza. A Beck bobblehead doll will headline it.

  2. A Beck bobblehead widget will headline it.🙂

  3. Snipperoo says:

    Widget Predictions For 2007

    Splashcast makes My Widget Predictions For 2007 Seems the Wall Street Journal has a story in today’s paper about the growing popularity of widgets, which triggered Splashcast’s excellent predictions: You know widgets are the next big thing when the …

  4. Ivan Pope says:

    Excellent predictions! I think the upshot of the above is that we’ll see a change in how people relate to their pesonal and public sites. They will construct them from widgets rather than by choosing a platform and allowing that platform to dictate what they can or cannot do. My slogan is ‘Don’t put your stuff in your blog, put your blog in your stuff.’ We anticipate widgetised blogs, wikis, social networks etc.

  5. […] Well widgets are certainly getting the web spotlight right now, today the Wall Street Journal (subscription only) has a story about the growing popularity of widgets …” and recently Niall Kennedy and Om Malik co-produced Widgets Live! In addition SplashCast also make some very smart and interesting predictions for the future of widgets in 2007. There was one prediction that certainly pleased Ivan. “A widget aggregator, such as Widgetbox or Snipperoo will be bought by a big media company like Yahoo! or Google” […]

  6. BillyWarhol says:

    Very Interesting!

    I’ve been Big on Widgets & saw the Huge potential over 1 year ago when first seeing the amazing Flickr Flash Badge*


    Bring it On SplashCast!!

    Cheers! Billy ;))

  7. Simon Foster says:

    I agree with this post. You will be seeing some breakthrough widget technology called PLADEO coming from us in the next few months, a technology that very much supports this ethos.

    Good luck with Splashcast guys

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