TechCrunch Party Wrap Up

Well, I’m back at the hotel after a night at the New York TechCrunch party. I saw at least six demos, collected a load of business cards and talked with dozens of entrepeneurs, venture capitalists, bloggers and others.

Demo of the night has to go to, who just launched Snap Preview Anywhere, an example of how widgets are changing the web. The service allows bloggers to put a link preview image that pops up when you hover over the link. Some may find this a bit too much but I like it for the simple reason that it gives me a glimpse of where I am going. Sometimes, it’s a bit like blind fatih when you click on a link.

BED worked out well as a venue for the party. Demo stations were set around the space, giving attendees the chance to mingle and check out the product demos. People are far more relaxed in a space like this than on a conference floor. It doesn’t always work but tonight it did. I had a good perspective about what the sponsors offered. That’s not always the case at conferences and events.

And there were companies trying really hard to make their mark, doing stunts. A guy dressed in drag hammed it up for HitTail, playing off Mike Arrington’s statement to the crowd that people in Palo Alto are so much more polite than New Yorkers. You can imagine how this crowd of New Yorkers responded.

The guys from Flek wore white suits and carried pens, asking people to Flek them, in other words, sign their jackets. Flek is in the web annotation business.

Fun party. Good to see Jean Logozzo and Jennifer Rice, who did a great job putting the party together.

Glad I made the trip.


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