Nick Douglas Has Earned Star Status…Snarky Style

Nick Douglas just earned star status. He left Valleywag. He has joined the leagues of Amanda Congdon (who has her own news today) and others in the Internet circle of fame. Nick just launched into a world where his every move will raise speculation about his allegiances, his enemies and what really happened between him and Nick Denton. It’s not quite on the same par as Amanda’s departure from Rocketboom but the chatter is evidence of a changing world where the stars of the new Internet culture are talked about, debated and analyzed.

I should have know sonething was up when I was in on a conversation about Denton coming into San Francisco last weekend. Why was he coming into town after the Web 2.0 Summit? I guess in hindsight the reason was pretty obvious. Douglas was on his way out. And Denton was in town to tend to the clean up.

The other significance? It’s evidence that people like Douglas, Congdon and others like Ze Frank are getting discovered for the media that they create online. They are getting their big breaks for the media that they make. And that in turn is evolving into what we do with all our stars. We examine them, debate their strengths and weaknesses and speculate about what is next. That’s the saucy side of Internet fame. Sure is fun, huh? 😉

Good luck, Nick Douglas. I love your snarky style. May you find a new home where we can get your latest takes on love and fame, valley style.


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