The Vloggies and Widgets Live (Sold Out!)

I head to San Francisco on Saturday for the Vloggies. On Monday, I will spend the day over at Widgets Live., which organizer Niall Kennedy says is now sold out. Wow.

Vlogstars and widget wizards, I’m in media geek heaven.

Robert Scoble says the Vloggies are a hot ticket. I’d say it’s the vloggers who are the hot tickets. I am a big fan of the video bloggers. They’re almost like the rock stars of the geek crowd.

And Monday, it’s widgets, widgets, widgets.

Om Malik is putting Widgets Live together with Niall Kennedy. And they’ve done a great job of pulling together some of the brightest folks , people who are pioneering how we produce and publish, be it for the web, the desktop or even hardware devices. Some of the sessions that I look forward to checking out:

Niall posted a bit about who is attending Widgets Live. What interests attendees most?

51% of respondents were most interested in blogs and social networking, 17% in personalized homepages, and 15% in desktop widget opportunities.

What a few days coming up! Let me know if you are in San Francisco. Maybe we can get a group together for dinner on Monday night.



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