IPTV Meets User-Generated Channels

November 1, 2006

Om Malik writes about the coming of IPTV (digital television over your Internet connection).  Not surprisingly, Europe and Asia are way ahead of the US in early adoption. 

Bluewin TV, one of the new IPTV services out of Switzerland, is boasting 100 TV channels and 70 radio stations.   

Uh… so what? 

The promise of IPTV is not to create a better television experience, it is to completely redefine what television is.  TiVo took this part way, but not far enough.  IPTV will pick up where TiVo has negligently left off. 

That is, we demand that IPTV services include all of the social features we’ve become accustomed to in the MySpace / YouTube world.  That is: collaborative filtering, user commenting, ratings, flagging,  content sharing, bookmark sharing, etc. 

But most importantly, IPTV holds the promise of truly democratizing the “airwaves” by opening the network up to user-generated channels.

SplashCast will enable anyone to build their own media channel, broadcasting content they’ve either created or aggregated to any web site on the web.  In the not-so-distant future, these user-generated and user-programmed channels will be available in your living room.  You’ll be able to flip between NBC Nightly News, the Om Malik channel (to watch his latest vodcast), the Justin Timberlake channel (to get footage of him eating breakfast IHOP — paid for by IHOP), the Barack Obama channel (to get the latest scoop on his presidential ambitions), and your brother’s channel (where your 4-year-old nephew is the star).

Coming soon


Dynamically Updating Rich Media Ads

November 1, 2006

As a frugal web advertiser, I’d like to keep our ads fresh with dynamic content updates.  Publish once to the ad network, update the ad content whenever I want, and the published ad automatically updates in realtime, everywhere it exists. 

This works pretty well with text ads in Google AdSense.  But I need the same flexibility and ease of use in my banner, flash, and video ads.  Swap out an image, change the background music, add the new the video, update the text, keep it fresh.

Kim and I were discussing our pre-launch SplashCast advertising strategy today.  Bemoaning how limiting static banner and flash ads can be, both of us simultaneously yelled over to our programmers, “So how many hours until beta?  We need it now!”

Dynamically updated rich media advertising, yet another SplashCast possibility.  Coming Soon (how soon, guys???)